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Smart Wristband
Smart Watch
Headset / Earset
Power Bank
Car Charger
Mini Fan / LED Fan
Action Cam
Video Camera
Bluetooth Speaker

Action Cam

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse rate monitor / Oxygen saturation (SpO2) meter / Creative and charming design / Simple and convenient to use / Portable and light weight / LCD display / Auto power off ....... more...

Smart Watch

Merry-go-round Advertising Power Bank with Personalised LED

Power bank with Personalized message across the scrolling LED screen to your business partners & clients, adjustable message scroll speed & brightness, 8000mAh, alarm clock ...... more...

Car Charger

Car Charger with Bluetooth Earset & Air Purifier

car charger with anion air ampluifer, Bluetooth earset, auto connect, dual output, save hammer, power bank ...... more...

Smart Wristband

Gesture Control Smart Wristband with Dynamic Heart Rate Sensor

Wearable-device Recognition/ Capacitive Touch button / Push Information & Caller ID Display ...... more...

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