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Smart Wristband
Smart Watch
Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Earphone
Power Bank
Action Cam
Video Camera
Mini Fan / LED Fan

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Action Camera

Wearable Kids Action Camera

Underwater up to 30 meters, CMOS sensor, Full HD video recording & 5M pixels photo taking with funny frame, high power capacity rechargeable battery for long lasting operating ....... more...

Bluetooth Speaker

Roly-Poly Bluetooth Speaker with Squeeze Control LED lights

Lovable Roly-Poly design with 7 interchangeable LED lights, Ambient light / Color change by button or touch/ squeeze control, Squeeze the Roly-poly for stress relief...... more...

Smart Wristband

Smart Wristband with Color LCD, Dynamic Heart-rate, Blood Oxygen & Blood Pressure Monitor

True Color LCD display, Blood oxygen & blood pressure monitor , real-time Heart rate , 3 different display styles, sports tracking (Pedometer, distance, calorie) , sleep monitoring , Call / SMS reminder , remote camera ...... more...

Pedometer Wristband

Pedometer Wristband ideal for gift

Step count , Distance travel , Calories measurement , Time display , optional full color body print ...... more...

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