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Smart Wristband
Smart Watch
Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Earphone
Power Bank
Action Cam
Video Camera
Mini Fan / LED Fan

GiGa Technology Company Ltd

Founded in 1992, the company has secured its position as a leading manufacturer and exporter of –

A view of our HK office

Digital Consumer Electronics products;- 

(A)  i -Wearable series : 
     - Smart Wristband
     - Smart Watch
     - Pedometer

(B)  i -Audio series :
     - Bluetooth Speaker
     - Bluetooth Headset / Earphone

(C)  i -Power series :
     - Power Bank

(D)  i -Imaging series :
     - Action Cam
     - Camera
     - Video Camera

(E)  i -Gift series :
     - Mini Fan / LED Fan

Through the years, our company has gained the distinction of being an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and as an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), providing private-labeling, printing and packaging services to our worldwide customers.

By continuously developing, enhancing and broadening our lines of products, our goal is to stay competitive in the market backed by product quality and reliability, competitive prices and excellent service.


GiGa commits to bring forth the best in technology, innovation and quality to all our products and services. Apart from employing the latest high-tech equipment for our production lines and quality control, we have a highly professional management team and qualified pioneer engineers from locally and overseas, bringing together the best mix of product experience and technological know-how from east to west. This ensures that our products have the features and performance needed to handle the most demanding requirements, and, in this ever-changing digital era, stand up to the times.

Our dedication to customer service conveys the company's unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Our people are well versed with their experience, heartiness and the ability to pay attention to details. Our strong after-sales support and product warranty policy ensures that customer interests are taken care of at all stages and in good hands.

Today, GiGa is the result of years of product innovation, timing competition and service excellence in this ever-changing digital world and computer industry, delivering maximum benefits and values to our customers. Increased customer loyalty and patronage, and the continuous establishment of long-term partnerships with our clients are our best rewards.

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