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Advertising LED Message with real time Temperature & Clock Display Desktop Metal Fan

Model :


Features :
- Factory pre-program up to 4 messages ( each message can contain up to 20 letters/ numbers/ or symbols ) as per customer's requirement in loop display

- Simply plug into any USB port on PC or laptop to create a gentle refreshing breeze

- Time Display - in hours, minutes and seconds ( Time will be preset by the user for first time use and it will be resumed every time when it is power on - no need to reset Time )

- Temperature Display - in degree Celsius

- Separate switch between Fan or LED display function

- built-in brushless motor, low noise, long life

- 360 degrees rotatable, can be adjusted upwards or downwards

- Material : PVC + Metal
- Size : 165(L) x 90(W) x 170(H) mm

- Colors : Black

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